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Smokie_Goatie_Logo_300In the hills of Grainger County there is a small farm run by people who love food, and fun, and food that’s fun. The time honored vocation of farming in East Tennessee proves to be an enriching experience, good for the body and soul. Food is life. Every once in a while some lucky someone stumbles across a flavor that is so unique and so compelling, that it simply must be shared. Smoked Red and Crushed Red are such flavors. It is with great pride that Smoking Goat Farms announces the availability of our farms bounty, and the results of our meticulous proprietary process. We feel certain that you will love them as much as we do. Thank you and please remember to know your food.


Mow, The goat

IHotBlondentroducing the ultimate HOT BLONDE

Your friends at Smoking Goat Farms are proud to announce our latest flavor creation, Smoking Goat Hot Blonde. Hot Blonde has all that enchanting aroma we all love, with a lot more heat. Available here, just click the order button.

We have always been careful to share a flavor that balanced heat with smokey, but like sometimes you just need more punch. Here it is, please enjoy.



 Smoking Goat Farms Crushed Red & Smoked Red Pepper

CrushedRedSmoking Goat Farms Crushed Red is an enchantingly aromatic and meaty flavor that can add that additional level of taste complexity to a range of cuisines, and will please palates from refined to adventurous. We start with Artisan grown Cayenne Peppers. Ripened by the sun and grown in our Grainger County soil, the little darlings are bathed in rich fruitwood smoke for just long enough to develop a thick meaty smoky presence. Crushed and sealed for freshness, the relatively modest heat of the Cayenne gives the chef the freedom to boldly strike the smoky note without fear of overstating the heat note. Smoking Goat Farms Crushed Red is simply magnificent.


Smoking Goat Farms Crushed Red is a rich, full bodied aroma that adds a meaty smell and the right amount of heat to take a dish in the Z direction.

Smoking Goat Farms Smoked Red is just as wonderful as our Crushed Red. We have found that sometimes, a ground pepper is what we need. We are pleased to offer, our ground red pepper as the perfect accent for dishes requiring a finer texture.

We really wish you could smell our peppers. You would be instantly convinced that you have got to taste them.

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