From Our Farm To Your Table
From Our Farm To Your Table
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Welcome to Smoking Goat Farms, we're glad you're here!



Writing an “about us” page is a bit like filling out a dating profile. You never know exactly what to say or what people want to know.

Our philosophy is pretty simple. We’re cooks first and farmers second.

Our passion has grown from the table to the garden. We are constantly improving our growing process and are as sustainable as possible in every effort.

The first thing we grew was a sense of humor, and you’ll see that a lot on our website. We get serious about great food and great customer service, though.

We want you to be happy. That’s our bottom line.

In the future, we hope to include some of you in our growing efforts. If you’d like to be part of our team, as a customer, a vendor, retailer or grower, contact us.

We would love to hear from you.


From our Farm to Your Table

In the hills of Grainger County there is a small farm run by people who love food, fun, and food that’s fun. The time honored vocation of farming in East Tennessee proves to be an enriching experience that's both good for the body and the soul. Every once in a while some lucky someone stumbles across a flavor that is so unique and so compelling, that it simply must be shared. We believe our products are just that. It is with great pride that Smoking Goat Farms announces the availability of our farms bounty, and the results of our meticulous proprietary process, to the rest of the world. We feel certain that you will love them as much as we do. Thank you for visiting, shopping with us, and spreading the word about our products to your friends and family.
Sincerely, Mow the Goat